Social media services for small businesses!

Say you’re a busy business owner, and you have finally wormed your way into the social media platform for your business. You want your fan base to grow, so word of mouth about your business can get viral. You want people to say, “Hey, when I was searching last night, I found this cool site!”

First off, keep your social media updated regularly! If that means every other day, fine, but definitely make it part of your marketing routine. Include links to your blog in your monthly newsletter, if you have one. The more links back to your blog/website, the better!

Next, is the practice of link building. Go to other blogs and twitter/Facebook pages, and in your comment to some interesting/informative blogs, include a link back to your own webpage and blog. You’ll be surprised as to how many more views you will get! It’s time consuming, but necessary.

Thirdly, keep your readers interested. Think up topics that will be of interest to your readers, so that they will be informed about your business, and your industry as much as possible. If you’re not sure what your readers are interested in, go to your Twitter page, and see what your readers retweet, both from you and what they retreat in general. Go to your Home page, and there you will find @Mentions, and Retweets. Both are incredibly valuable tools to check. Write down the topics that they retreat the most, and include them in your posts and blogs, so they’ll keep checking your pages.

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End of an Era

We will remember you!

Steve Jobs has been an inspiration to millions of Apple users around the globe. People will always remember the slogan “Are you a Mac or a PC?” Apple has had one of the most successful marketing campaigns of any product line. Even here in California, they go so far as to flood BART, our underground subway, with iPad2 images as far as the eye can see during their advertising campaigns. From the original slogan, “Byte into an Apple” in the 70s, to the Think Different campaign, Apple has been able to follow the trend of the times and its advertising has changed with them. They even have different slogans for their products, as well. “iThink therefore iMac” in the original iMac commercials, for instance.

Watch the original Mac commercial here… While

Apple will continue to conduct business as usual and he will still be Chairman of the Board, Steve Jobs might be coined the Thomas Edison of our times. Let’s all raise a glass to the college drop-out who became the leader of one of the largest computer companies, Apple.

Not only are businesses and corporations using social media to promote themselves, but museums and philanthropists are also using social media as a tool to reach their target audience. Museums started to heavily use social media in 2009, according to The key is active communication with patrons, in a new way to reach out to younger audiences.

Philanthropists use social media to create their own media portals to further their efforts. They use social media to connect people with different organizations, as well as get matched to fundraisers. These activists use social media to make the world a better place.

Social media gave rise from tweets like “Just had my morning coffee!” to “This product is great…” to “We can stop hunger!” What do you use social media for?


Every social media website is not created equally. Should you have one on every social media website out there? Probably not. Plus, you’ll go out of your mind trying to keep them all updated and keeping up with your followers. You’re actually doing them a disservice at this point.

So, which social media sites should you begin with? It all depends, really. What type of business do you have? Do you offer a service or a product? Do you own a restaurant or a movie theater, even? Different kinds of businesses benefit from different social media sites. Usually, Facebook business pages and Twitter are good platforms to start from, since just about anybody can benefit from those sites. But, should you also try one more social media site? And if so, which one?

Linkedin is a professional’s way to get “connected” to your business contacts, and hopefully create a few more. This is where people can share their knowledge and find work. A great feature of this website is connections can write recommendations to be featured on your page.

Tumblr is great for posts with lots of images, and tagging and sharing are easy to do among the Tumblr community. You can also embed your page into your website’s page. But, the site goes down often and you cannot customize it that well. Basically, if you love high graphics blogs, then this is the site for you.

Flickr is a great photo sharing website, where you can now automatically share photos to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress account. If you have a company that would like to share photos in exciting ways, Flickr is for you.

There are many other social media sites out there, including Google +, that each have a different focus. I will help determine which ones will benefit your business the most, and take your business to that next level by reaching the most important people: your customers.

Getting Comments

Getting comments is one of the goals of social media for businesses. That way, you can see what people are saying, whether it is constructive criticism or glowing praise. Glowing praise is what everyone is aiming for, right? You begin by gaining a reader base, hopefully of past or future customers. If you already have client emails, add them as ‘friends’ on your Facebook or Twitter page in order to get started.

Even though it is not necessarily a “fun” thing to do, start off by simply posting! Post anything related to your business, and even a background of your staff in order to introduce yourselves. Next, if you have a website, advertise all the links on your website via your Facebook and Twitter, or LinkedIn, or whatever social media platform you use. Post daily! Especially if you list your inventory on your website, feature the items you would like to sell first. Advertise your sales, and special events you are hosting. Get involved in the business community, such as a chamber of commerce or business association, and allow them to post on your Facebook page their events.

Let your customers know about your Facebook or Twitter page, and get them to become friends and encourage comments and posts. People love to share their opinions! You will quickly know what your strengths and weaknesses are in your business.

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My name is Amy Jacobs, and I am offering my social media services to the online community. If you have a need for social media updates and blogs, shoot me an email or leave a comment! At this point, I’m excited to begin in the social media world, as it is such a new phenomenon with unlimited potential.

I started off having an English degree. Many people thought I would end up being a teacher, or even a child care provider. Even though I love children, my true passion is writing. So, let’s enter the world of social media together, and see what we can accomplish!


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